Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I just want to start with a little background...

This has been a really busy and crazy year for us.  We finally got our wish and our son Jaxon was born April 29, 2008.  He was born at 4:28 p.m. on a Tuesday.  He was 4 lbs. 6 oz.  and perfect.  Although I had to have him 5 weeks earlier than expected and the whole labor was quite an say the least.  We got to have our little miracle 5 extra weeks early.  He was born healthy and strong and has continued to thrive every day since.  I feel truly blessed to be a mom.  It is a joy I can't explain.  He makes everyday so much brighter.  Vic and I couldn't be happier.  We look at him every day and say..."how'd we get so lucky".  Jaxon is such a joy.  He is an extremely happy little guy.  His is the cutest thing ever.  I know I'm biased as his mom...but really...he is just too cute.

We decided that after we had our little one, that I would not return to work (in the law office I had been working at until I had Jaxon).  I knew a long time ago that I didn't want to work while we had our kids.  I want to be there for every single second of them (more kids to come if we are so blessed).  I can't imagine missing out on all the new things that happen everyday.  I am fortunate enough that Vic agrees and works so hard to support us.  It is a sacrifice, but one well worth it.  These days I'd rather shop for the baby than myself anyways.  Vic decided that the world of mortgage loans in the market today, was not enough for us, and too unpredictable.  Although he will continue to do loans when they come our way, but we can't rely on them since I'm not working.  So...we packed up our house and moved to Arizona.  We found a nice house to live in, and Vic is now working back at the hospital and is going back to college!  He wants to be a Doctor.  It will definitely be a sacrifice for the next several years, but worth it in the long end.  It was an adjustment for him to be away from family and friends...and California, but he is liking now.  It is nice to be close to my family and to be able to do things with them all the time.  Vic's family has also made several trips our to visit (and now they see it is not all that far away), so we are happy.  Someday...we'll have a second house in California...on the beach.